Monday, 23 January 2012

The Family Cycle

A poem in celebration of Burns Night to honour the great Scottish poet Robert Burns.

{To be read in a heavy mock Scottish accent by non Scots}

Twas a cold, cold night.
A helluva hullabaloo.
There was a knock at the door
And a voice said:

‘Uncle, halloo!
How do you dooo!
You don’t know me -
I’m back from Peru.
I’m your sister Eileen’s
Illegitimate child.
I was sent away a while ago
When I began to run wild.
But now I’ve come back, you see,
And as everyone else is dead,
I’ve come to stay with you.
Will you nae show me ma bed?
I’ve brought you a present -
A wee little one…
Don’t look so startled…
It’s just my wee illegitimate son.’

 Copyright © 2012 Lena Fiagbe. All rights reserved

Monday, 9 January 2012

The Glutton

‘Bring me a fig!
A fig!’ - she cried,
‘I long to feel a fig in my inside,
Sliding through my digestive tract.
Eating is such a wanton act.

Bring me a hot fried
Chinese spring roll!
I need it to fulfil my soul.
Some sweet and sour sauce wouldn’t go amiss...
Mmh! Delicious! Heaven! Bliss!

A feast! A feast!
I must have food!’
She was taught as a child
That it was rude
To leave any food upon her plate,
And so, she ate, and ate, and ate.

‘Eat to live -
If I don’t I will die.
Pass me a sausage.
Oh, and that last bit of pie.


Copyright © 2012 Lena Fiagbe. All rights reserved

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


New Year! New Year!
It’s here! It’s here!
It’s come around once again
New friends 
New foes
New highs
New lows
New joy, and yes - new pain
New coat 
New boots
New dress
New shoes
Consuming more than ever
New bliss
New ills
New wage 
New bills
Live on! The never never
New game
New race
New hair
New face
The competition’s rife
New night 
New day
Same old
New way
You pay
No change
That's life.

Copyright © 2012 Lena Fiagbe. All rights reserved