Friday, 9 December 2011

Ego I. What's wrong with my ego?

I have an ego, this I know
because my shrink done told me so.
But is it really such a crime
to indulge in thoughts of my sublime.
I love myself so much it hurts
I really envy all my skirts.
As they languish on my skin
what heaven those skirts must be in.
I really must control myself,
The shrink's warned of my mental health.
She says that if I don’t hold back
I will incur a mild attack.
Delusion she says is a dangerous thing,
Me? Deluded? Is she joking?
I merely say what I know to be true,
I can see it in your eyes - and you know it too.
You see my divineness, you also know
I’m great, I’m fantastic. Go ego, go.

Copyright © 2011 Lena Fiagbe. All rights reserved

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